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About Our eLearning

Centrax Corporation develops custom eLearning (computer based training) unique to your needs and budget level. Flash animation in 2D or full simulations in 3D that will engage your audience and convey meaning. Whether you are seeking to train employees on proprietary software or on a new sales process, Centrax’s experienced project team works with you to develop cost-effective solutions that deliver sustainable results.


Mobile Learning
TrainingBYTE – Training that Travels with You

Your company wants highly engaging and  interactive eLearning programs while you are working with tools such as Articulate, Captivate, and Lectora Publisher. All are great tools but often fall short when you need individual screens that are customized for a particular and unique subject matter ( i.e. 3D model of medical device). Centrax’s TrainingBYTE  and Rapid Development Enhancement Service is the solution. TrainingBYTEs are short training modules or screens that can be inserted into your existing program to raise the level of interactivity for that program cost effectively.  TrainingBYTEs also have many delivery options: links can be sent through standard email, launched from a website or intranet, or delivered  via mobile devises such as tablet PCs and Smartphones ( i.e. IPhone, IPad, Samsung Tab, etc) .

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Centrax TrainingBYTE Demonstration


Blended Training

Sometimes self paced eLearning isn't quite the right fit. Some audiences benefit from the support of a live instructor. Centrax custom eLearning programs are perfect for standardizing and supporting your learners through the training process. Imagine every member of the class being able to control their own learning on a computer while having the instructor work with the entire class. Centrax can turn your instructor-led training into a full customized training suite, including an eLearning program, facilitator guide, student guide, practice exercises, and assessments.

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