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What we can do for you

eLearning Consultation Services
Consulting for over 29 years in eLearning providing various services from Instructional Design to Rapid eLearning. More...
Mobile/Tablet Development  
Advancing your company into the future with mobile apps. More...
Creating effective online interactive videos that get results! More...
PromoBytes Media Consultation Services
Leveraging the latest technologies in audio, video and 3D visualization. More...
PromoBytes CSP (Custom Sales Presentation) App
Get the full use of your tablet with our CSP APP!
* Include 3D animation, video, & interactivity
* Quickly revise your presentation on the tablet.
* Online version of your CSP App


Which Rapid Development Tool do you use?

Our Company

Centrax Media

Establised in 1985, Centrax Media Group has over 29 Years experience providing engaging learning programs for its clients. Our clients represent a broad range of business sectors such as consumer package goods, telecommunications. real estate, finance, retail, medical, transportation, manufacturing, and higher education. Centrax blends custom content and state-of-the-art 2D and 3D graphics, animation and video. Our goal is to create dynmaic, interactive training solutions that allow the learner to practice targeted skills. 

Cutting Edge learning technology and state of the art distribution methods to reach your learners. We can build or supplement your learning portfolio to include Centrax Media’s new “stainable, blended” approach. We can tailor the learning approach to meet the specific needs of your learners, your business and your shareholders. Our approach is more than a blended learning solution or a virtual classroom, it brings together the science of how we learn, the newest learning technologies and the discipline of organizational development and performance.